Monday, March 28, 2011

POST #6: ECM now available?

So, my husband just spoke to Newburgh Park Motors ...they expect to have the Engine Control Module tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Available from another dealer? Sounded suspicious since we were told all last week that the part is not available in the country - and still needs to be manufactured. So, I called Jonathan over at Headquarters, and I voiced my concern. He said since they involved Mopar they were able to locate an ECM, and that Newburgh Park Motors received one for us on Saturday, March 26th - but it was defective. Jonathan said another one was loacted and is expected to be delivered to Newburgh Park Motors tomorrow from another dealer. I'm still confused how 2 ECM's miraculously appeared, but I am hopeful...we shall see what tomorrow brings...


  1. Baby steps they are taking. Better than nothing.

  2. I have known Jess and Anthony for almost six years. They are a good and wholesome couple whose goals in life are simple - live a good life, dedicate yourself to family and friends, treat others well, and live honestly. It took a lot for Jess to take the step she took of creating this blog. I commend her for it. It is not in her nature to whine or complain, or to criticize others. But it is in mine.
    I am sick and tired of the kind of corporate greed that lead Chrysler and her car dealership to treat her this way. In fact, to treat anyone this way. Anyone care to look at the bailout history for Chrysler. Anyone care to look at the steps that were taken to protect dealers and keep them afloat during the Bush-induced depression that we are still struggling to come out of. Your tax dollars went to this corrupt corporation and this greedy dealership. That's what we do in America. Give corporate welfare to companies that screw their customers and treat them like lemmings.
    Congratulations Jess and Anthony for standing up for yourselves. It is a rare thing in our country. Shame on Chrysler and this dealership for putting greed and profit before customer service. Ken