Wednesday, March 30, 2011


so, I'm on my way home from work at 4:30PM, I arrive at daycare and notice I have a missed call from Jonathan at Headquarters at 4:33PM and a voicemail. I listen to's the skinny:

Hi Jessica, I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but...Newburgh Park Motors took another look at your 2007 Dodge Charger and it turns out theres a rats nest in your car. So, the part is no longer covered under warranty and you will be responsible for the first PCM (originally referred to as ECM)which I was told was delivered defective on Saturday March 26th, the 2nd PCM that was supposed to be delivered today - that we were told wasn't in hand at 3PM today, but somehow they claim they installed it and it died because of a short caused by rats - oh wait, back up - Newburgh Park Motors says MICE...sounds fishy, no? And we will also be responsible for the THIRD one they plan to install (mind you, none are available in the Country for 17 people..right?) as well as all the parts, labor and wiring harness that they claim was destroyed by rats/mice...

Jonathans message continues to say this is not covered as it is looked at as being "an act of god" and that I should call Newburgh Park Motors as they have pictures of the rats/mice nest and I can call him tomorrow to discuss, but it will be the same outcome.

We dropped our car off last Monday - 9 days was assessed and evaluated by a professional mechanic employed by Newburgh Park Motors. The diagnosis was a dead ECM. How is it, 9 days later, we have a new assessment? Would that not have been noticed then? Who's to say these alleged rats/mice didn't make their supposed cozy home while parked outside in a lot at the dealership????

Our family is getting together and planning our next move...Jonathan and Chrysler think this is over and they won. not so fast...

POST #7: No part yesterday...maybe today?

My husband just called Newburgh Park Motors Parts department. They did not receive the ECM yesterday, but they said it's been Fed-Exed from another dealer, and is expected to arrive TODAY between 12 and's 2:50PM. Sigh.

Monday, March 28, 2011

POST #6: ECM now available?

So, my husband just spoke to Newburgh Park Motors ...they expect to have the Engine Control Module tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Available from another dealer? Sounded suspicious since we were told all last week that the part is not available in the country - and still needs to be manufactured. So, I called Jonathan over at Headquarters, and I voiced my concern. He said since they involved Mopar they were able to locate an ECM, and that Newburgh Park Motors received one for us on Saturday, March 26th - but it was defective. Jonathan said another one was loacted and is expected to be delivered to Newburgh Park Motors tomorrow from another dealer. I'm still confused how 2 ECM's miraculously appeared, but I am hopeful...we shall see what tomorrow brings...

Friday, March 25, 2011

POST #5: Newburgh Park Motor Provides Loaner

Eddie Just from Newburgh Park Motors just called my husband, they are going to provide a loaner...

POST #4: Headquarters Just called me...

3PM...Jonathon from Headquarters just called me...he tells me that Mopar is expediting the part.  AGAIN, I ask if its being expedited, when is it coming and where is it coming from? He says he cannot tell me that information and the he is investingating it.  I'm sitting in my office- my co-workers canhear my conversation and hear how frustated I am - and this guy has the gall to be rude to me!  Yes - Jonathan - I know your reading this, as you told me you are intercepting my blogs, tweets, emails etc.  Sad that it takes Social Media making you look bad to take action.  I ask about the loaner again and the fact I'm left without a vehicle....get this...STILL, Chrysler won't provide a loaner!, I will continue to blog, tweet, email, call, spread the word as much as I can!  Jonathan gave me his direct line, and I told him I would call him every day until I get some answers...he gets mad, and says you can call me every hour but I won't have answers - you have to give us time to look into this!!! How is that fair for me!  I'm forced to give you time, while I have no car, my car is rotting in a have options, and I don't!?!?!?  What a joke.  I will never trust in Chrysler ever again!

POST #3: Got a call from Chrysler

So, I got home last night from work - and our voicemail on the home phone was beeping.  My hubby pressed the button to we could take a was a woman from Chrysler saying " we have receieved your message (I'm thinking to myself - which one?!?! My many emails, voicemails...I've contacted Corporate, the Board of Directors, the, which message is she referrring to?) and we will call you back in 2-3 business days if that's OK with you".  AS IF I HAVE A CHOICE! Your asking my answering machine a question...I'm pretty confident it will not give you an answer....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

POST #2: Chrysler still can't give me answers - March 24 2011

I was told by Zachary of Chrysler Corporate on March 22 that I would be contacted by one of four people that are above him, even though they will not tell me different.  He said to expect the call tomorrow - which would have been yesterday, March 23rd.  No phone call.

I call Chrylser Customer Care this morning explaining that I was expecting to be contacted, and that never happened.  about 2 hours later, my phone rings - Now I'm speaking to Ben...he tells me the shame lame shpeal - that theyre sorry, and they will not give me a loaner, and they do not know when the part will be available.  I ask to speak to a CEO or legal department, or someone above him - he says he cannot give me that information and that theres nothing anyone can do! I ask why they cant take the computer from another car and put it in mine? I ask if the part is coming from Japan and if thats why theres none being manufactured for 17 waiting customers? No answer from Ben.  I'm irrate....I'm sitting here at work, pregnant, blood pressure through the roof, car less....and NO ONE at Chrysler gives a damn...

now what do I do?

POST #1: Chrysler is crooked, Dodge Charger problems, Newburgh Park Motors no help...

Here's my story I want to share with the world...I've already sent this to the Better Business Bureau, Sen. William Larkin, the Attorney General, Arnold Diaz from Fox News, Chrysler Corporate, my attorney...and now folks - it's time to share this with you so you don't get burned by Chrysler...DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! Do not go to Newburgh Park Motors.  Long story 2007 Dodge Charger that I bought brand new died.  Had it towed to Newburgh Park Motors, waited TWO hours before it was even looked at! Then I'm told the motherboard went, but it's covered under warranty and Federal Emissions Law, BUT there are no parts available in the country! For an indefinite amount of time.  And oh yeah, we know you have a toddler and another baby on the way, and no vehicle for X amount of time - but we will not be helping you out with a loaner...well, thanks for nothing!  After speaking to Chrsyler Customer care and Corporate, 4 representatives later...still, they cannot tell me when or where the computer will be manufactured, can't tell me if its weeks, months years...oh yeah, and we wont give you a loaner either...

heres my letter I've sent...I'll add the latest updates after...

"My husband Anthony and I purchased a brand new 2007 Dodge Charger in July of 2007 from Bernicker Dodge in Cornwall, NY.  On Tuesday, March 22nd, the vehicle would not start.  We had the car towed to Newburgh Park Motors as Bernicker Dodge closed shortly after we purchased our vehicle.  We then waited for two hours before our car was even looked at.  After letting the service manager know the time wait was unacceptable, we decided to go look at some used and new cars, as we are in the market to buy a replacement vehicle for our 2000 2-door Honda Civic which has 190,000 miles on and is not quite car seat friendly with our 19 month old daughter, and another baby on the way.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity since we were already waiting for numerous hours for an answer, and we were looking for an American made vehicle.  We even got as far as pricing out the vehicle we were interested in, and almost signed papers for a new Dodge Journey, but decided to wait and see what the assessment of our vehicle in their repair shop was. 

The service manager, Eddie Just, stated he had “good news and bad news”.  The motherboard (AKA Engine Control Module) died in the car (bad news), but that it was covered under warranty (supposedly good news).  And then he proceeded to tell us “no one in the country has the part, and we don’t know when it will be available”.  We then asked, if we were talking days weeks, months, years?  Eddie then stated he did not know and it would be an indefinite amount of time as they aren’t even having these parts manufactured.  He said he would call us with more information.  He then tells us we do not qualify for a loaner because we don’t have that coverage through our insurance carrier, Geico.  We explain that the car is dead and were left without a vehicle for an indefinite amount of time for a part that is covered under warranty.  He says there’s nothing he can do.  We explain that the only vehicle we have is a front wheel drive 2-door Honda civic that’s 11 years old, and that we have a toddler and that I am pregnant, and that a major snow storm is expected to hit the area tomorrow, and that we both work in different areas.  Still, Eddie will not help us with a loaner.  We scramble to find a vehicle to borrow from a family member, luckily with success.  However, it is supposed to be a temporary borrow, as they need their vehicle back.  At this point, its twelve noon, and my husband and I have to get to work.  Now it sinks in.  I am without a vehicle, I have a toddler to tote around, I’ve got another baby on the way, and I have a full-time job and no means to get anywhere!  I get to work, and I call Eddie again to try and understand exactly the situation, because at this point, I do not understand the fact that no one can tell me when my car will be fixed.  I am told by Eddie he will call me back by after speaking to the owner, Mr. John Hick’s.  comes and goes.  I call back, and am left on hold and hung up on.  I then call from another number that they wont be expecting, and I’m told John Hicks is on the phone and they’d hate to leave me on hold, I said “I’ll wait”.  I waited a few minutes before Mr. Hicks picked up the phone.  I tell him who I am, and he has no recollection of my scenario, so I have to reiterate the situation.  Obviously Eddie did not speak to Mr. Hicks and had no intention of returning my call.  He repeats what I have already been told, that he will not help with a loaner and he cannot tell us when the part will be available for our Dodge Charger.  He recommended I call Chrysler Customer Care and he gave me the part number for the Engine Control Module (PN: RL094811AE).  I also asked Mr. Hicks for the Zone Service Supervisor name and 800 number and he declined to share the information with me saying he cannot give that information out to me.  I told Mr. Hicks I was planning on purchasing a brand new Dodge Journey from him, and if he could help me out, it would be appreciated.  This did not interest Mr. Hicks even in the slightest, and now he has lost my business.

I then called call Chrysler Customer Care at 1-800-992-1997 and speak to a very nice young man named Tim.  I explain the situation, and give him the part number.  He puts me on hold, does some research and comes back to tell me, yes the part is on backorder and I cannot give you a time estimate when one will be available.  We speak about the fact I am without a vehicle and he puts in a request for a case manager to look at our case.  I am assigned Case Number: 20583943.  Tim tells me they are open until , and I may receive a call tonight. 

I get a call from the Case Manager at (March 22).  At this point, I just walked in the door, holding my toddler and all her effects while trying to get dinner started.  I didn’t even catch the young man’s name, if he gave it to me.  He said he spoke to Newburgh Park Motors, and like they told me, the part is on backorder and there’s nothing they can do to help me.  He also added that there are sixteen (16) other people in the Country waiting for this part.  I am now 17 on the waiting list.  I let him know how disheartening of a situation this is and that I want to file an official complaint.  He said I could do that over the phone or in writing, I said I would like to do both.  He took down my complaint and gave me the address to send my written complaint to.  I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said one is not available but I can put in a request for one to call you.  I said that would be much appreciated

At that same evening my phone rings.  I am now speaking to Chrysler Corporate.  He tells me the same thing I hear over and over: the part is on backorder, there’s 16 other people waiting for the part, we don’t have any idea how long this will take, and no we are not willing to help you with a loaner.  He then tells me that he has put in an order for the part, and it’s being expedited.  I said great!  So, if you ordered it you should know when it will be here or where it’s coming from then, right?  He tells me, no – he has no idea where or by whom this part will be manufactured by or when.  I asked how something can be ordered and expedited if there’s no manufacturer or location for manufacture.  He didn’t have an answer just that Chrysler is doing the right thing for their customers by fixing this for free.  What?  I’m now outraged.  I ask him isn’t this covered under warranty as well as Federal Emissions Law?  He confirms that question.  He apologizes for the inconvenience.  Inconvenience?  I am without a vehicle, without knowledge of when I will have a vehicle, and you won’t give me a loaner.  I ask how on earth is it that 16 other people are waiting on this part, and how long they have been waiting.  He tells me this is a “case-by-case basis” and he does not know how long others have been waiting, but that yes indeed I am #17.  That’s all I am to Chrysler, a number.  I tell him it’s completely unacceptable that he doesn’t know who or when they will manufacture the part and that I am now concerned about my car sitting outside in a lot, not being turned on, rotting.  I tell him that I will be contacting my local Senator, Channel 7 Eyewitness news, the Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau.  He still says, he cannot tell me anything else except for this is being expedited.  I reiterated the fact that I bought a brand new $36,000 vehicle that I keep in mint condition, and its only 3.5 years old.  How can this happen?  And how can you not have parts readily available when it’s obviously a recurring issue for Chrysler owners across the Country?  He then goes in to detail about the Chrysler Fiat merger in 2007.  He tells me that with the reconfiguration of Chrysler, and manufactures going out of business they have had backlogs and issues.  I said “It’s now 2011, and the fact that your company isn’t organized is not your consumer’s problems”.  He again, has nothing to say.  I ask to speak to his supervisor.  He tells me he is corporate and there are only three or four folks above him and that they won’t tell me any different.  I tell him, I still want to speak to them.  He said to expect a call tomorrow (today, Wednesday march 23rd).  It’s now , no call received.

I would like everyone to know what Chrysler is up to.  They cannot produce a product, they do not provide quality customer care, and they do not care about their consumers.  I will contact every person I know and make them privy to this information and be sure to dissuade anyone from purchasing a Chrysler vehicle in the future.  Human beings should never be treated in this manner; left without a vehicle and left without answers. 

I am asking for your help to uncover this mystery, and rectify this very wrong and unfortunate turn of events."