Thursday, March 24, 2011

POST #2: Chrysler still can't give me answers - March 24 2011

I was told by Zachary of Chrysler Corporate on March 22 that I would be contacted by one of four people that are above him, even though they will not tell me different.  He said to expect the call tomorrow - which would have been yesterday, March 23rd.  No phone call.

I call Chrylser Customer Care this morning explaining that I was expecting to be contacted, and that never happened.  about 2 hours later, my phone rings - Now I'm speaking to Ben...he tells me the shame lame shpeal - that theyre sorry, and they will not give me a loaner, and they do not know when the part will be available.  I ask to speak to a CEO or legal department, or someone above him - he says he cannot give me that information and that theres nothing anyone can do! I ask why they cant take the computer from another car and put it in mine? I ask if the part is coming from Japan and if thats why theres none being manufactured for 17 waiting customers? No answer from Ben.  I'm irrate....I'm sitting here at work, pregnant, blood pressure through the roof, car less....and NO ONE at Chrysler gives a damn...

now what do I do?

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