Friday, March 25, 2011

POST #4: Headquarters Just called me...

3PM...Jonathon from Headquarters just called me...he tells me that Mopar is expediting the part.  AGAIN, I ask if its being expedited, when is it coming and where is it coming from? He says he cannot tell me that information and the he is investingating it.  I'm sitting in my office- my co-workers canhear my conversation and hear how frustated I am - and this guy has the gall to be rude to me!  Yes - Jonathan - I know your reading this, as you told me you are intercepting my blogs, tweets, emails etc.  Sad that it takes Social Media making you look bad to take action.  I ask about the loaner again and the fact I'm left without a vehicle....get this...STILL, Chrysler won't provide a loaner!, I will continue to blog, tweet, email, call, spread the word as much as I can!  Jonathan gave me his direct line, and I told him I would call him every day until I get some answers...he gets mad, and says you can call me every hour but I won't have answers - you have to give us time to look into this!!! How is that fair for me!  I'm forced to give you time, while I have no car, my car is rotting in a have options, and I don't!?!?!?  What a joke.  I will never trust in Chrysler ever again!

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  1. It is truly sad that Chrysler is putting you through this and amazing that just 2 short years ago you and I were bailing them out with our hard earned money, some show of gratitude. Thank you for letting us know, we will never be doing business with Chrysler as long as this is the service they offer.